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Adventures in Interactive and Web Site Design
Sure I can hand-code HTML, use Dreamweaver and Photoshop. More importantly, I understand the business applications and solutions that the Web can facilitate.

It's information architecture: helping a visitor to the site quickly find just what they want, right where they expect it and presented in a way that moves them toward a desired action. Whether ecommerce or training, that's how I create great Web sites and interactive projects.

Turn Key or Key Player
I've taken a number of Web sites from thin air to online business solutions, taking charge of every detail. Some have been Web-based start-up businesses, others have been components within larger efforts by Fortune 500 companies. All have been successful business tools.

I'm also a good team player, providing writing, consultation or management. In any position, my broad skill set and previous experience lets me add value and context that help ensure the creation of a more valuable product.
It's that rare blend of right- and left-brain expertise that lets me create or manage every step of the process. For more ambitious projects, I am well adapted to working with your graphic artists or programmers, or I can bring on my own associates to handle the heavy lifting on graphic design and programming.

On the Web, I created the Internet presence for four different businesses I went on to manage ( Original Vision , Healthlinks , Script Werx and Performance Strategies, Inc .). I also developed the marketing communications for Toyota's Dealer Daily network; which itself required a Web site that I created and ran.
Completed Projects
In reverse chronological order. Names of Web sites that are still active are linked to the respective sites.
  • Adelante Express S.A. —Develop the database-driven Web site and reservation system for this shuttle van service in Nicaragua. This included developing documentation for employees, affiliates of the business, and customers. And training an office staff in the use of the reservation system.
    Also had full responsibility for marketing this business, which included buying Google ad words, developing and placing paid banner ads on related sites and exchanging links with complementary sites.
  • Performance Strategies, Inc. —Develop the Web site and all communications plus instructional design and proposal writing for this sales training business targeting the automotive market, in which I was also a principal.
  • Hitachi Data Systems —Design product knowledge and skills training for delivery on CD-ROM or over the Web. This included online quizzes for knowledge reinforcement, animations to simplify complex concepts and many other cool ideas to help train the people who ensure that enterprise-level data sleeps safely at night.
    Also designed and wrote the Visual Basic code for a system that automated creation of the student workbooks and instructors guides that supported this and classroom training.
  • John Townsend —Johnny Townsend is a southern rocker who toured with the Greg Allman Band, lent his talent and name to the Sanford/Townsend band and has his words and music on more successful records than I would want to list here. He tells a good story about why his every performance includes his major hit, Smoke From a Distant Fire.
    I was honored to help John develop his promotional and eCommerce Web site and even teach him how to code his own html tags. We both hope that you will "have big fun" on his bio. 2002.
  • Multacom —This tier-one Internet company designed their own sales and project tracking software that they wanted to market as a commercial product. I got a good start on a design document for interactive training on using this software just in time for the dot.com meltdown to come along and motivate everyone to develop alternate plans.
    I also developed for Multacom a good study guide to go along with the wonderfully visual book, How the Internet Works , Preston Gralla, Macmillan Computer Publishing: Indianapolis, 1999. This was to help ensure that in addition to understanding how the Internet works, new hires would also understand how their company was positioned within that market. 7/00-1/01.
  • Carol Liu —This was my entry into politics, developing from thin air the online presence for Carol Liu's 2000 run for the State Assembly. The ensuing maintenance and updates were a bit more than I had signed on for; but hey, we won. 2000.
  • Toyota's Dealer Daily Network —This required developing a high-level overview of every aspect of the private network now used for all communications between TMS (Toyota Motor Sales), and Toyota and Lexus dealerships. Working with Maritz, my job was to encapsulate this into materials that others could take out and use, and act as creative director and project manger for its creation.
    The project included developing a Web site to coordinate the launch of this network, which I also developed and managed for the initial launch. 10/99-5/00.
  • University of Toyota —Again for Maritz, I developed design documents for a complete overhaul of the University of Toyota Web site. This included rethinking the navigational structure so that it would comply with overall corporate Web standards, and follow Microsoft-developed standards for managing a software development project. 10/99-5/00.
  • Toyota Domain Name Policies —Also for Maritz, this was working with TMS management to think through and document a comprehensive set of policies on naming Web sites, which was quite a challenge when you consider every variation on every Toyota and Lexus vehicle model name, dealership Web sites, what detractors might do with toyotosucks.com and such, and how well-meaning enthusiasts can misuse logos and trademarks on line. 10/99-5/00.
  • FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) —There's nothing like teaching a subject to help you learn it better yourself, which is what it did at this private college, teaching Web site design for two terms in 1998.
  • MET-Rx —Working with Guidance Solutions, I developed the copy platform and online copy for the customer-facing web site of this acknowledged leader in sports and celebrity nutrition.
    This included developing three different and distinct tones for the site from which the client could choose. Each tone included appropriate positioning statements and language. 1998.
  • HealthLinks.net —Full responsibility for Web site design, creative direction and writing for this database-driven Web portal for healthcare professionals, which I am proud to say is still online.
    If you are involved in healthcare and need to include in your Web site a portal into your industry, we really need to talk. 6/97-3/98.
  • AnyRiver Entertainment —This was a strategic partner in the development of my interactive software, based on Microsoft Word, for developing design documents for computer games and training. The prototype was much more promising than the market demand turned out to be. 1996.
  • Original Vision —This is the ecommerce business I developed from the ground up. It sold software and books to creative professionals. I designed every aspect of the Web site and business, managed both on a day-to-day basis and even wrote the interactive phone script used by the phone center to which I outsourced call processing at one point. Although the business didn't survive, the name lives on as the URL for this Web site. 1995-1998.
  • Great Western Bank —This was the full-blown interactive project that initially led me to develop interactive software for developing design documents, based on Microsoft Word. The visions of a commercial product that danced in my head never quite danced to the bank.
    The training however got the service representatives of the major financial institution up to speed on a new computer system in record time. 1995.
  • Script Werx —This Web site, also developed from thin air, supports the software business I ran until 2007. Script Werx software customizes Microsoft Word for scriptwriting. It's used by thousands of writers around the world, including the writing staff of Saturday Night Live.
    The Web site provides product information, technical support, online ordering and integration with Digital River, to which I outsource online credit card processing and serving product downloads. I continue taking care of updates and maintenance of this site. 1992-present.

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