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Outside the box. It's the type of thinking that is arguably the most needed in our world today. So where do you get it? It probably won't come from those who've spent their careers inside the box. And counting on someone who's never been in the box at all is a good way to blow your budget on something that is too far out.

Client-Meeting Ready
Reliable Delivery
The reliable way to get the thinking you need is exactly what I deliver. With expertise gained from working within over a dozen different industries, I probably have some skills and insight that will make a big contribution to your next project.

New Book
Knowledge and Insight
But rather than being a jack of all trades, I've maintained a singular focus on my core competencies of writing, project management and instructional design, within different contexts. Each context has provided additional knowledge and insight. And every project has sharpened my core competencies.

Who is This Guy?
The navigation buttons let you see my experience categorized by the areas within which I have been doing most of my recent work (automotive or high-tech) or by skill set (marketing, Web site design, instructional design or corporate communications).
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